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FrontDesk, Inc. provides technology and computer consulting services that you can trust on-line, on-site, or in your home.

Did you ever call for support and feel they just don’t understand?
And it is hard to understand them?

We all have.
Lee’s expertise provides reasonable, understandable, and timely trustworthy support.

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FrontDesk’s Lee Lasson, President provides one-on-one information technology consulting. FrontDesk provides technical services ranging from pre-purchase consulting, setup, configuration, upgrades, updates, and troubleshooting. We’ll help you on-line, on-site, or in-home troubleshoot problems, make recommendations, and implement solutions.

FrontDesk’s On-line Consulting is available with a phone call or email to Lee Lasson or at 970-586-4760.

We consult on a wide range of computers and mobile devices including Apple MacOS, Apple iOS, Windows, and Linux. We help you find solutions for networking, servers, and cloud computing. We can electronically sceen-share with you on your computer within minutes to help you diagnose and solve problems without the finger pointing, communication problems, and faceless apologies that big-name support lines give.

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Email or call 970-586-4760