Alexa Skills

Design, development, and user interfaces are rapidly evolving beyond our visual senses. Voice Command Devices (VCD) and Voice User Interfaces (VUI) use the sense of sound to design experiences that you cannot see, but you can hear. Is your business utilizing voice to provide information and e-commerce experiences through the simplicity of speech?

Although the act of asking a question to VCD seems simple, such as “Alexa, what is the weather like today?”, there is a whole new world of development used to create these voice designs. With each question Alexa is asked, someone has developed the answer, or skill, giving Alexa a new skill for each voice interaction. Amazon has created Alexa Skills for weather, sports, music, smart devices etc., but for more specialized interactions, there are thousands of third-party skills created for a multitude of reasons. FrontDesk, Inc. provides voice-based development Alexa Skills for information services, subscription services, and e-commerce services.

Check out our example FrontDesk’s Amazon Alexa Skill: Market Hotline

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